Ripple: Fashions response to the iconic

My honours exegesis, both research and creative. I created a magazine showing chosen “icons” influence on culture and the world of fashion.


This exegesis questions and examines the pattern of visual recontextualisation of icons in the arena of fashion photography. By evaluating, comparing and contrasting the analysis of published literature, as well as applying visual analysis to form connections between images, investigation was carried out on the photographer’s practice, social and cultural settings in which the work was produced, and their contribution to the field of photography. These factors have been developed and analysed in order to uncover some of the reoccurring characteristics between iconic images.

The research and creative practice seek to understand the development of icons by presenting them as case studies for focused research. It also questions why these chosen images are subject to various cases of appropriation across the medium of fashion photography. To illustrate recontextualisation as an existing trend and supply a current and relevant research piece, the majority of appropriated images are gathered and presented from the years 1990-2011.

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